Adam Woodworth https://adamwoodworth.com/

Adam Woodworth is a professional photographer and educator. He has been featured with Nikon, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, DPReview, and many others.

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In this recorded webinar I will cover a crash course in Milky Way landscape photography!


We will cover the following topics:

  • Cameras, lenses, and other required gear
  • Planning Milky Way shots
  • Camera Settings
  • Exposure Settings
  • Focusing in the Dark
  • Star Stacking
  • Editing Workflow Overview


The main content is about an hour long followed by about 25 minutes of recorded Q&A. You will be able to email me questions directly from the webinar.


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I recommend watching this webinar on your computer for the best viewing experience. If necessary, please make sure to click the "TAP FOR SOUND" button on when the video starts to hear the audio!